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Your database should be easy to use, not a source of frustration. Xata easily integrates into your developer workflow, providing the best data experience for Github, Vercel and Netlify based deployments.

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Stop gluing services to your database

A complete data platform that just works

// Typings and client automatically up to date
import { getXataClient, Posts } from '../xata';
const xata = getXataClient();
// Fetching the posts is as easy as:
const posts: Posts[] = await xata.db.Posts.getMany();

Easiest database you'll ever use

Create and populate a database in seconds. Based on PostgreSQL, adding rich data types, a schema editor and a table editor that feels like a spreadsheet โ€” Xata makes databases simple and accessible to the whole team.

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Keep doing what works best for your team

A complete end-to-end workflow for preview deployments



Branch your database like your code. Run xata branch from our CLI then xata pull and xata push to start collaborating with your team.

Hey team. I'm making a feature branch so we can colloborate.

Create branches in the CLI
# Create a branch in code or the UI
xata branch create my-changes
# Made changes in the UI? Pull them down
xata pull my-changes
# Made changes in the code? Push them up
xata push my-changes
xata pullCLIupdated TS Types in src/xata.ts
xata pullCLIcreated new migration files in .xata/migrations

Create a PR

Create a PR like normal in GitHub. Xata keeps track of your schema changes in the background and will create a comment with your schema and status in the PR.

I made some changes to the Xata schema in the UI. Time to run xata pull my-changes to get back Types! Now I'll commit the generated migration files into a PR along with my app code.


committed add desc column into my-changes just now
"addColumn": {
  "column": {
    "name": "description",
    "type": "string"
  "table": "Posts"


botnoticed a migration on GitHub. Creating a preview branch for this PR.


Vercel and Netlify integrations generate a preview branch with your PR and deployment preview, eliminating the need for separate dev and staging environments



commented 3 minutes ago on GitHub

Preview branches created for your PR. Learn more about Xata for GitHub.

preview-my-changesโœ… Ready

View on Xata

The pull request creates a cloned Xata database with data. Feel free to mess around, it won't affect production data. The Vercel preview build automatically points to the linked Xata database. ๐ŸŽ‰



commented 3 minutes ago on GitHub

The latest updates on your project. Learn more about Vercel for GitHub.

my-websiteโœ… Ready

View on Xata



Merge your pull request as usual. Our system will run checks, perform a zero-downtime migration, and close any open branches, automatically.


merged commit 3daa381 into main just now


botnoticed a merge. Deleting branch preview-my-changes


botnoticed a merge. Merging branch my-changes to main

Merged the pull request. Xata automatically merged the database changes to the main branch with zero downtime.

Integrate with your stack

Work with any frontend. Branch your database like your code. Offer real-time search or integrated AI. Preview and deploy to Netlify and Vercel, just like a static website.

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